Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Scoil Íosagáin is an inclusive, child centred Learning Community.

Our aim is to give every child the best start to school life. We aspire to make their learning journey enjoyable through a varied and exciting curriculum, with a strong emphasis on play and active learning. Children are supported to experience success in a safe, stimulating environment.

 While the ethos of our school is Catholic, children of other faiths and none are welcomed, and all are cherished equally.  We are inspired by the Mercy Philosophy of Education, which is committed to the holistic development and the achievement and the full potential of each child. We aim to nourish and develop each child’s sense of their own self worth as an individual and celebrate their unique talents and gifts.

Respectful communications are fundamental to us. We achieve excellence through high expectations, teamwork and shared leadership.

We strongly believe in promoting positive partnerships between home and school. We want all of our children to experience a love for learning, inspiring a lifetime of learning in our ever-changing world which will enable them to be active citizens in the 21st century.