History of Scoil Íosagáin

Brief History since 1964

Information gathered from Sr. Ita Convent Mercy Mallow (former principal of Convent Girls National School).

Scoil Íosagáin came about because of the sizeable increase in numbers in the Convent school adjacent to Scoil Íosagáin. In 1945, there were classes up to 50 being held in the corridor of the Convent School. At that time the infant cycle was a three-year cycle. Parental involvement was not very prominent in those early days. 

A letter was sent to the Department of Education from the parish priest Right Rev Monsignor Sheedy in 1960, outlying the necessity for the erection of three extra classrooms in Mallow Catholic Primary School. At that time there were three rooms with two classes being taught in each room. The school had an enrolment of 624 pupils and accommodation for 524 pupils. Increase in enrolment was due to new factories and houses being built.

A year later, in 1961, after a visit and report from the District Inspector, 3 extra rooms were granted. It would provide accommodation for over 120 pupils. The suitability of the site was also reviewed. In May of 1961 Architect, Mr Boyd Barrett was employed. Mr Boyd Barrett kept the building “sufficiently far from the existing one, so as to obviate overshadowing”. The entrance and the upgrade of the play sheds were also looked at. It was Monsignor Sheedy, who suggested to the Department that the new building is made into an independent Infant School. He felt that it would lead to the more efficient working of the school. This would also mean that 4 classrooms instead of 3 would be needed, as there were 182 pupils on the roll in the infant department.

In 1962 sanction was given for five rooms in the new building. In 1963 a further request to upgrade the Boundary wall, play shed and cycle shed was submitted. On the 4th of November 1964, two classes with Sr. M Ethna and Sr. M Eucharia began. The new building was henceforth known as Scoil Íosagáin. The new building was not quite ready, however, the urgent need for new space was so imperative that the teachers had to begin when the school was not yet sufficiently ready. Painters and Carpenters were still at work in the building and the necessary furniture did not come until the following January. Children sat on floors in the big classrooms.

The Architect made a presentation of a statue of the Infant Jesus which has been placed in a prominent niche at the front entrance of the door.

Mr A O Donoghue was the Inspector of Schools, at the time.

The school continued on as a four-teacher school for over thirty years. The Mercy Order had a prominent role in the running of the school. The last nun retired from the school in 2004. She was Sr. Aine Coughlan. The first lay principal took over from her. She was Mrs Maire Daly. In 2005 the new General Allocation Model enabled the school to acquire a full time learning support teacher, thus bringing the number of teachers to 5.

The following year, we achieved developing school status and another post was secured. This year also lead to the establishment of Language post. Our school was allocated two posts. Our staff was now 8. From 2007 to our current staffing we have grown to 11 teachers and an administrative principal. Due to the increase in numbers an extension to the current building was needed. In 2009 a new classroom, staffroom and 2 resource rooms were built.

The face and demographics of our school are evolving. We have truly become a multicultural school. However, the ethos established by the nuns and the vision for an Infant school has not been lost. The school continually strives to excel with new initiatives and curriculums.

Past Principals

Sr. Patricia O Donovan 1970's
Sr. Mercy o Leary 1980's
Sr. Aine coughlan 1990's
Mrs. Maire Daly 2000's
Mrs Sheils Collins 2008 - 2016